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Re: Searching Help Files?

From: Seth Eilbott <seilbott(at)>
Date: Tue May 20 2003 - 22:01:05 GMT
Marissa Eddings wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>    I'm researching search engines for a project.  I've transferred all 
>my help file documentation into html and need a search engine to help 
>it.  The problem is, it can't really be a server based engine.  These 
>files will be installed onto all sorts of different customer platforms 
>bundled in with our product software.
>    Even though I've been reading about swish-e for 2 hours now, I can't
>find where it states swish-e can operate off-line/independent of server 
>as described above.  Can someone help give me a better idea if swish-e 
>fit my needs?

SWISH-E can definitely be used "offline" or outside of any server.

All you would really need is the swish-e executable that you would invoke
from your code to build an index and to then (later) search that index for
hits.  What you then do with that output is up to you.

Although we use SWISH-E to power an internal search engine for our
support people, we really use it just as I described.  (We gather the
documents locally, onto one of our servers, and index them from there.  We
then have our own CGIs which invoke SWISH-E under the covers to list the
hits and parse the output to display it as part of the data for users. 
we use it on a server, but we invoke SWISH-E just like any other local

Seth Eilbott

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