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Searching for word with UNDERSCORE "_"

From: Dhruva Krishnamurthy <seagull(at)>
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 03:59:24 GMT
 I have indexed around 550000 files of C++ and a small subset of C and
 FORTRAN code. We have words like "TIE_CATISpecObject" or
 "TIEchain_CATISpecObject" (COM/CORBA related macros). When I search for
 such words, I do not get proper results, I get all files containing
 "CATISpecObject" also. Is there a problem in searching for words with
 "_" or do I have to do something different. This is very important as
 our search using "_" has a great value in locating interface
 implementation files.

My INDEX option is:
FuzzyIndexingMode NONE

with regards,

PS: I am running a Intranet server within our organization with complete
cross-reference of the above mentioned number of files. I use LXR to
generate the cross reference. They use GLIMPSE to do a free-text search
which I am not sure is ported on Win32 platform. I therefore modified the
scripts to use SWISH-E and show the results (open the source files) using
LXR's features. It is simply great and what speed!! I just need this "_"
issue to be fixed. Infact, we have LXR sort of tool installed in our
parent company in France by a TEAM and we do not have access to it. I
have installed a similar tool with SWISH-E search independently. It shows
the ease with with oe can work with SWISH-E (and LXR). Thanks to SWISH-E.
In our company, lot of developers had Altavista indexed search installed
and each one have their own search databases for the same source base.
Now, I have a server and people use it as they do not have to be bothered
about keeping their indexes updated (I schedule it on my W2K m/c). One
feature missing in SWISH-E is a client-server model. It would be a great
jump to have a swish-e server running with the indexex loaded and the
client makes queries.
Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Received on Mon May 19 03:59:34 2003