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Inexplicable swish behavior

From: <garg(at)>
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 18:02:57 GMT
 I'm using swish to index a collection of files, works great
normally. Thanks for excellent software!

 Recently, I came across a behavior that looks quite strange.
My index file contains the word 'xml' but when I search for it,
I get no results.

	$ swish-e -f bidx -k x
	# SWISH format: 2.2.3
	bidx: xml

	$ swish-e -f bidx -w xml
	# SWISH format: 2.2.3
	# Search words: xml
	err: no results

 Am I doing something wrong?


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Received on Thu May 8 18:04:22 2003