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why can't i find the page that's indexed

From: Jean Mao <maoj(at)>
Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 16:30:12 GMT
Hi, I would appreciate if someone would help me solve my problem below.

I have a html page which is included in the indexing and there is one =
sentence in this page: '....was developed by Sean Eddy at Washington =
University in St. Louis.'

When I search for 'Sean Eddy', this page will be found; when I search =
for 'St. Louis', this page will be found also; However, when i search =
for 'washington' or 'washington university' or 'university', it says =
'service currently unavailable' instead of finding the page that I know =
it's there or says 'results not found'.=20

Is there something I missed here? Thank you very much.


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