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Re: perl / swish-e / os x

From: <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 18:36:54 GMT
[Sorry Tom, I updated a mail program last night and it mucked with my address, so I'm sending

> I'm having problems compiling the Perl interface to Swish-e and hope
> you might be able to help...
> Perl 5.8, OS X 10.2, SWISH-E 2.2.3

The perl interface in 2.2.3 has been replaced in the current dev version
which is planned for a release any day now.
If just starting out with the perl interface I recommend you use a current
development version of swish-e.  Actually, I'd recommend updating
I'd also like to have someone with OS X test the build system.  The OS X
servers that we normally use at SourceForge have been offline for weeks.
The current release is using Libtool to generate libraries.  Libtool just
released a new version (which is not in the Swish-e dev package), so it
would be very helpful for someone with OS X to test.  That way we will
know if we need to update libtool for OS X before making the next release.
Received on Fri Apr 25 18:37:33 2003