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Re: Some more questions (re: client-side search on Windows)

From: Greg Ford <greg(at)>
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 02:52:49 GMT
Thanks Bill

Sorry, I tried to send a message saying I found the problem with Q1.
It seems my e-mail never made it to the list...
The problem turned out to be:
> WordCharacters .abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789/
includes full stops (periods) as part of the word!
Not the length of the document as I previously thought.

> Nobody reads to the end of legal documents, so this is an optimization.

Sounds reasonable!

> > ( Q.  2.)
> > One day ... can you rename swish-e/src/string.h ?
> Alredy done in current cvs:
> moseley@bumby:~/swish-e/src$ ls *string.h
> swstring.h


> > Why do you call the -L (limit) option "experimental"?
> > I'm keen to use it, I have a fairly static/well defined corpus of HTML =
> > files.
> It's labeled "experimental" so when someone complains about it we can say
> it's "experimental"...
> There was debate about the command syntax, plus the way it is implemented
> makes its very existence questionable.  For each property limited it loads
> an integer table into RAM the size of total number of files in the
> database and has to sort it twice.  It's not a very scalable design.

OK - I tried it and it works - my database is only 2000 documents and it
runs very fast
on a P166 64MB RAM. So I'll continue using it.

> > Is anyone urgently waiting for a working ActiveX wrapper for Swish-e ?
> > I've got mine working quite well now, (based on Swish-e 2.3.4).=20
> What work happens on the client-side?
The wrapper is pretty thin....(there's no templates for generating the
I have a couple of hundred lines of JavaScript in a frameset to list the
and css files to specify the look.
All the search results are generated in code using  document.writeln()
I'm currently using an OBJECT tag to create the ActiveX object.

Greg Ford
Received on Tue Apr 15 02:53:44 2003