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local file system <------> http?

From: Yang Yang <yangyang(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 19:00:13 GMT
I'm trying to index my local files in /home/my_home_dir/papers,
which contains many pdf and ps files,
then swish creates an index, then I go to 
and it correctly searches the index, (I've done the necessary config for

but when I click on one of the search results and try to access the
files, it points to
												this part is not good,
because it lets other people see the real directory structure, but is
there a way to alias the directories?
I tried indexing the files as http access, but it's much slower, and
still doesn't work well ( because it's not html files, and I'm not quite
familiar with the config yet :-(  )

Received on Thu Apr 3 19:03:59 2003