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C Library question

From: greg <greg(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 12:45:42 GMT

I'm working on a client-side search engine. Hopefully it will be based
on Swish-e. 
I have successfully compiled and run the win32-dev version (2.1 dev
2002-01-19), as well as the win32 binaries. 

I originally tried using SwishEx, but even after compiling Swish-e 2.0.5
and creating an index I could not get SwishEx to read the index file
(although swish-e.exe worked fine). I eventually abandoned that idea and
determined to use the swish-e C library. 

I would like to use the new API, but the VisualC++ projects don't appear
to be up to 
date with the source code (?) - Maybe someone can point me to an
up-to-date VC++ dsw/dsp project? 

If there is no current VC++ project, which .c files are required by the
And where does win32/config.h get included (in the build) ?

Oh, and is there a stable version of Swish-e 2.3 ?

Thanks in advance 
Greg Ford
Received on Wed Mar 19 12:49:21 2003