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From: Dave-CBC <dave(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 07:27:23 GMT
Greetings, all.

  I am new to SWISH-E, and extremely new to this discussion, so please bear with any
ignorance I may seem to display.

  I am trying to set up a search engine on my local server (an NT box using Apache), and
have the eventual goal of setting up a search engine that covers multiple servers. Basically,
I have the search engine up and running, but can't get it to index more than just links found
on the pages it spiders. What I'm trying to do is to get the search results page to display
content similar to the search page for this discussion. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a PERL
programmer (my knowledge won't fill three pages of a comic book, let alone a manual.), and I'm
the most experienced guy here, when it comes to programming. The documentation (to my eyes, at least)
reads like stereo instructions, so what little information I was able to use ended up being very
hard fought. I have the feeling that all I'm doing wrong is failing to understand and implement
the command line parameters, but can't even begin to fathom where to start looking. The command
I'm using, and the relevant config file follow:

swish-e -c sendSpider.config -v 3 -S prog -E ./swishError.log -f index.swish -t HBthec


IndexDir ./

SwishProgParameters default http://localhost/testDir

IndexContents HTML .htm .html
IndexContents TXT .txt .conf
StoreDescription HTML <BODY> 100000

  As I've stated, I'm sure I have missed something, but have no clue as to what it is. Anyone care
to enlighten this poor fool who is in WAY over his head?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. other than changing the way swish-e is called, the search.cgi file that calls the results
page remains unchanged. Details below, including the reason I changed it:

current searcg.cgi:

        my $file = "$swish_binary -w $query -d :: -v 3 -H 9 -f D:/PROGRA~1/SWISH-E/index.swish";
    if ( $pid = open( SWISH, "$file|" ) ) {

original file:

    if ( $pid = open( SWISH, '-|' ) ) {

  I had the biggest devil of a time, trying to find out why I received "Failed to find any results"
in the CGI, when the command line showed me several hits, till I found out that Win32 won't recognize
the 'minus pipe' as a Command type. So I came up with the above (known to be insecure) 'work-around'.
Fortunately, this box isn't on the net as a server.

Again, thanks for your attention.

Dave Morton
Received on Sat Feb 22 07:27:59 2003