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Re: Retrieving a list of valid properties

From: Alex Lyons <Alex.Lyons(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 17:39:25 GMT
Bill, others,

>That info is not stored in a config file, rather in the index.  
>the list of properties and metanames is static for an index I didn't
>any advantage of a library interface over piping swish-e -T
>index_metanames since you only need to do that once in a persistent
>environment.  If not running persistent then use Storable to cache

The advantage is that you don't have to fork a swish-e process, even
once, so you dont need to include all that fork and windows_fork code,
or code to parse the results from the swish-e executable.  Isn't that
what the API is supposed to be all about?  IMHO it ought to be
fundamental that an API can retrieve all the information stored in the

A property might be a date, or a value, or a long description -- so
I'd expect that the application would need to know not just what props
in an index, but what they mean, so they can be displayed in a
way, perhaps with better human-readable names.  In the swish.cgi
you list both the property names, and a hash to map those to a better
description of that property (e.g. mdate => 'Last Modified Date' ).

A good example of where an API to retrieve this info would be needed if
the script doesn't know in advance what properties/metanames are present
and what kind they are.


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