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How can I avoid certain words being displayed in the results?

From: Thilo Többens <toebbens(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 17 2003 - 13:31:19 GMT
Dear All,

I am running Swish-E through a couple of html-pages. Since these 41.000 pages are html-forms from a former database, they always have the same words/phrases on each page. These words/phrases shouldn't appear in the result list, as they disturb from reading the "real" results and its relevant context.

My approach: I put all words that shouldn't appear into a stopword list (by the way, I tried 'IgnoreWords File: "c:/search/stopwords.txt"' within the .config, which didn't work out, so I had to past 5 lines with the stopwords directly into the .config, any idea where my problem is with the separate stopwordlist?).

My result: The result was only, that the stopwords are not highlighted anymore, they still appear within the results.

Does anyone have an idea how to avoid the appearance of certain words or even the words from an external list or also from the stopword-list within the search results?

Thanks for your help,
kind regards

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Received on Fri Jan 17 13:31:35 2003