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Getting link to pages right in swish.cgi

From: John Almberg <jalmberg(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 15 2003 - 16:15:08 GMT
I've got swish.cgi working (very cool.) One problem: the links to the 
pages included the directory path info, like this:

This obviously doesn't work.  I kludged a fix:

           my $docpath = $h{swishdocpath};
           $docpath =~ s/\s/%20/g;  # Replace spaces
           $docpath =~ s|home/mydir/public_html/||g;  # Remove 
/home/mydir/public_html from link
           $h{swishdocpath_href} = ( $self->config('prepend_path') || '' 
) . $docpath;

but suspect there is a more elegant way to do this! Any hints?

-- John
Received on Wed Jan 15 16:15:53 2003