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Swish-e and MyLibrary

From: Eric Lease Morgan <emorgan(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 20:46:13 GMT
I have begun to integrate swish-e and MyLibrary. See:

MyLibrary is a portal application for libraries distributed as open source
software. Written in Perl and relying on a database application such as
MySQL, it provides the means for librarians to create lists of information
resources and allow users to create customizable interfaces to the
libraries. See:

As the collections of information resources in something like MyLibrary grow
so does the need for a searchable interface. Building on the examples
provided in the swish-e distribution, I was able to extract a stream of HTML
from MyLibrary and send it directly to swish-e for indexing. I was then able
to provide a Web interface to the resulting index as illustrated and
described at the URLs above.

I like swish-e. I like it a whole lot. Thank you.

Eric Lease Morgan
Head, Digital Access and Information Architecture Department
University Libraries of Notre Dame

(574) 631-8604
Received on Tue Dec 10 20:46:31 2002