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Weighting meta-names

From: Holden Glova <h.glova(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 02:21:06 GMT
Hello all,

I noticed in the docs a 'MetaNamesRank' config option which suggests to apply 
weightings to the listed meta-names for ranking purposes. Our current client 
would like to be able to weight certain meta-names higher then other 
meta-names, so I thought this would be a perfect candidate to achieve this. I 
also saw that it says "to be implemented".

The CONFIG document on the website is dated Sept 9th 2002 and there has since 
been a new release so I thought the docs might not have been updated with the 
release. I then modified my swish-e config and added some MetaNamesRank, to 
my surprise swish-e did not complain about the config option. To my further 
surprise, swish-e altered the order of the search results!

So, my questions; does the 'MetaNamesRank' directive actually apply weightings 
as the CONFIG doc might suggest? If not, what does the 'MetaNamesRank' 
directive do? Is there any way to apply weightings to specified meta-names?

Thanks in advance for any help given.

Holden Glova
Received on Wed Dec 4 02:21:25 2002