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RE: how to get a description

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 25 2002 - 19:33:47 GMT
At 02:17 PM 11/25/02 -0500, Wolf, Dena wrote:
>My isp wrote:
>/usr/local/libexec/cgi-bin/swish-e -V
>SWISH-E 1.3

See below how to build your own version.

At 01:58 PM 11/25/02 -0500, Wolf, Dena wrote:
>At the risk of exposing my lost-ness:
>First, Thanks again for your swift replies.
>When I enter orcsolar@sweb-5130(235) perldoc swish.cgi
>No documentation found for "swish.cgi".
>I tried this in the cgi-bin directory I have as well as the one located in
>the original place on the solaris server where I had copied it from.
>How else might I access this?

Those ways that I detailed are the way.  Are you sure swish.cgi is in that
directory?  Or as it seems now, it's a different swish.cgi.  Why don't you
post their version if it's not too long.

  $ pico swish.cgi

scroll about 1/2 way down.


>I've tried HTML, HTML2, and HTML* and understand that they are dependent
>upon the library referenced.  I always error exactly the same no matter
>which one I use :
>(Indexing Data Source: "File-System"
>Bad directive on line #14: IndexContents HTML* .html
>Bad directive on line #15: StoreDescription HTML* <body> 100000) .  

a) run swish-e -V will give you the version of Swish-e that you are running.
maybe you are using the wrong version.

b) you uploaded your config file in the same way that you did and prompted

>I am awaiting a call back from my isp.  I am going to ask them:
>What version of swish do we have?

See above.

>What library does it use?

See previous post for use of ldd.

>Where is the perl documentation for swish.cgi

See above.  the docs are part of swish.cgi -- in the same file.

>-There is no swish-e directory that I can see on their server.
>They had the swish executable & the swish.cgi file sitting in their cgi-bin
>directory (/usr/local/libexec/cgi-bin/).  I couldn't find any other swish

I probably wouldn't put swish-e binary in the cgi-bin directory.  It's not
a CGI application.

>I have perl5 installed in my directory.  I remember running something
>callled  rbsetup --perl which copied perl into my home directory.  Could
>this be interferring with the library it is using?  Maybe when they call it
>will help a bit.

Nope, not related.

>I do not consider myself too able in installing swish myself on the server
>since I can barely understand the documentation. (thru no fault of its own,
>I think)

  cd $HOME
  mkdir ~/myswish
  mkdir ~/myswish/bin
  gzip -dc swish-e-2.2.2.tar.gz | tar xof -
  cd swish-e-2.2.2
  ./configure --prefix=$HOME/myswish
  make && make install

  ~/myswish/bin/swish-e -V
    SWISH-E 2.2.2

(note to self for next version: use install to install files so directories
are created)

Bill Moseley
Received on Mon Nov 25 19:34:03 2002