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scope of indexing with

From: Shen Yang <Shen.Yang(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 21:11:45 GMT
I finished installing swish-e 2.2.1 and verified that it is working 
properly by indexing and searching some sample html pages with 
via the prog method.
Now that I am ready to index my site, a question occured to me: how knows when to stop crawling? Does the spider only index pages 
of a given server and/or domain or does the follow all the 
links that it encounters, including links to sites in other servers 
and/or domains? For instance, if  my site in the domain has 
links to pages on, does that mean that the 
will also index pages in domain? If yes, how one can limit the to only index pages of a certain domain and ignore all pages 
of other domains?

Shen C. Yang
Information Technology Specialist

Federal Reserve Bank of New York -
Technology Support Division
Internal Communications and Multimedia Services
tel: (212) 720 2857

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Received on Tue Oct 29 21:15:55 2002