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Re: Swish-perl installation problem

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Sun Oct 27 2002 - 16:29:51 GMT
At 02:55 PM 10/25/02 -0700, leanne lai wrote:
>I instaill swish-e-2.2 without any problem ie

>But when i try to build the swish-perl module I have problem

> /usr/local/bin/perl: fatal: relocation error: file 
>blib/arch/auto/SWISHE/ symbol log10: referenced symbol not 
>found at /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.6.1/sun4-solaris/ line 

First, are you planning on using the perl interface or are you building it
just because it's there?   If you really plan on using it be aware that the
SWISHE module will be replaced in the next version of swish so you would be
better off downloading a current dev version from the "swish-daily" page
linked off the home page and designing your code based on the new perl

Now, from poking around google I see this message mostly where people are
using Solaris and not using the gcc supplied libraries.  Since log10 is
used in the swish library it's odd that you see it when trying to build the
perl module but not when building swish.

So, it may be as simple as adding -lm to Makefile.PL and running perl
Makefile.PL again.

So try changing:

  my $libs = '-L../src -lswish-e';


  my $libs = '-lm -L../src -lswish-e';

Bill Moseley
Received on Sun Oct 27 16:33:44 2002