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swish.cgi and metaname search in query.

From: Andrew Smith <asmith(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 01:26:13 GMT
I work in a lab where everyone creates weekly status reports and these are 
accessible to everyone in the lab through an internal web site. I'm 
setting up a system to index and make searchable these weekly status 
reports and I'm using Swish-e and swish.cgi to do it. I've mostly got it 
working but there are still some glitches. I have set up some metanames 
based on extracted parts of the document paths (using ExtractPath), e.g., 
so users can search by filename, year, month, etc. (these can all be 
extracted from the path). Thus, users could enter queries like this:

DNA and username=andrew and year=2002

I am saving the entire contents of the files using StoreDescription so 
swish.cgi can highlight search terms and show a small bit of the 
surrounding text. This all works fine for searches like above. The problem 
is when I do searches using only metanames or where the metaname is first, 


username=andrew and year=2002 and DNA

In these cases, there is no highlighting and the entire contents of the 
file is shown (i.e., there is no cutoff to 500 characters). I have 
made modifications to my swish.cgi file, but the same problem exists 
even when I just use swish.cgi in its default configuration. Does 
anyone know how I can fix this? I can send my swish.conf file if that 
would help.


Andrew Smith
Received on Thu Oct 17 01:29:50 2002