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Re: Can StoreDescription store <META NAME=Description> ??

From: Greg Fenton <greg_fenton(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 06:02:13 GMT
--- Bill Moseley <> wrote:
> Read over the docs again and let me know if it's not clear that you
> should do:
>    StoreDescription HTML2 <description>

I guess I sort of see it from the synopsis:
  StoreDescription [XML <tag> size|HTML <meta> size|TXT size]

However, nowhere in the description of this option does it discuss what
<meta> is and the examples given show <body> which is not a <meta>

So, my opinion is that it is not clear.

Thanks again for your insight Bill!

Greg Fenton

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Received on Wed Oct 16 06:05:47 2002