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Index created but search doesnt work

From: Shah, Amar <amar.shah(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 15 2002 - 16:47:07 GMT
Hello all,

I recently installed Swish-e 2.2.1 to use it to help me give list of files (all word docs) that contain information about particular entities. Since I was unfamiliar with the software i used the documentation example which works fine. However, I tweaked the example as seen below in the code to suit it for my purpose but it doesnt seem to return a result for any word search that I perform. Could anyone tell me where the problem lies and how I could fix it. I have exhausted all the documentation on the web but cannot find a suitable solution.

Amar Shah
#This is the configuration file

#This line points to index only the vendors directory in the current directory
IndexDir /IT/SAE/CTO/R&D/Vendors

#This directive tells the compiler to index only the .doc and .txt files
IndexOnly .doc .txt

#Show Basic Info while reporting
IndexReport 1

---> When I run the command as seen in the line below the system gives me all the information until it says "Indexing Done"
V:\IT\SAE\CTO\R&D\SWISH-E>swish-e -c myconfig.conf -S fs
Indexing Data Source: "File-System"
Indexing "/IT/SAE/CTO/R&D/Vendors"
Removing very common words...
no words removed.
Writing main index...
Sorting words ...
Sorting 1 words alphabetically
Writing header ...
Writing index entries ...
  Writing word text: Complete
  Writing word hash: Complete
  Writing word data: Complete
1 unique word indexed.
4 properties sorted.
48 files indexed.  3260416 total bytes.  48 total words.
Elapsed time: 00:00:03 CPU time: 00:00:03
Indexing done!

---> At this point I try to search for words like Questionnaire as seen below, but no matter what word I search for it gives me an error.
V:\IT\SAE\CTO\R&D\SWISH-E>swish-e -w Questionnaire
# SWISH format: 2.2.1
# Search words: Questionnaire
err: no results

Anyone knows what the problem is???

Thanks in advance,
Amar Shah.

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