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From: Frank Smitha <fsmitha(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 00:36:47 GMT
Responding to Bill Moseley,=20

1. I downloaded Swish-e 2.2-win32.exe. (for my Windows XP), apparently =
successfully. I went through the public licensing agreement and was =
advised to see "the start menu group."  No "uncompression" step arose as =
Swish-e advised would happen. =20

2. Next, Swish-e installation instructions (step 2) says, "Make any =
needed changes in src/config.h" and ends telling me I'll probably not =
need to change this file -- of no help at my level of understanding how =
to install Swish-e.=20

3. This step is entitled "Build Swish-e"  and speaks of the =
"Swish-e-x.x/ top level directory."  The instructions do not tell me =
where I can find this directory and I do not see it anywhere among all =
the files that have been downloaded. In the instructions for Step 1, =
swish-e-x.x/ is listed at the top of a list of files I should have =
received after uncompressing, but this list does not match my group of =
Swish-e files.  =20

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