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Re: Anyone using the C library or module?

From: Alex Lyons <Alex.Lyons(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 03 2002 - 09:18:36 GMT
Bill & others,

Yes, I use the Perl library, however I'm not using the latest version of swish-e (yet) so please go ahead and revamp.

I'm aware of a particular issue (at least with the version I am using, 2.1-dev-24):

When searching multiple indexes there doesn't seem to be an interface to provide the index number or a pointer to the index that each result entry came from.  This would be Really Useful so that I could look up the index metainfo for each result (IndexName, IndexPointer, etc) which I would like to factor into the generated results display.

A more general suggestion if you're planning to redesign the API:

How about 2 C libraries: one containing just the stuff required to do a search, the other containing all the parsers and stuff needed to generate the index.  Then link swish-e to both, but only link swish-search to the search lib.  This would give you a "standard" swish-e as a general indexer and search tool, and a lightweight swish-search for search-only use in CGI.

Separate Perl APIs for each library, so those using mod_perl for searching wouldn't be loading all the indexing stuff into their httpd address space.  Maybe don't even need the Perl API for the indexing library unless you're planning to rewrite the Perl spiders to generate the index directly rather than piping to swish-e -S prog

Hope this feedback helps,

Alex Lyons

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>>> Bill Moseley <> 10/03/02 07:21am >>>

The current development version of swish now has a modified API for the
swish-e C library.  No docs yet.  This also means the current SWISHE perl
module will not build.  My plan is to write a new object oriented perl
interface -- should make using swish-e via a program easier and less likely
to leak memory.  

Is anyone using the SWISHE perl module?

The other day I was running a perl CGI interface with swish-e binary and
getting only about 2 to 3 queries per second and pushing my load average up
high (~20).  Under mod_perl and the C library I was getting more like 35 to
40 queries a second with very normal load averages.

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Oct 3 09:22:27 2002