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Re: XML Meta name question.

From: William Bailey <wb(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 15:51:07 GMT
On Wednesday 02 October 2002 16:15, Bill Moseley wrote:

> Probably premature in saying this, but I'll bet it would not be too hard to
> add that feature so that:
> <first>
>    <second>  -> becomes meta first.second
>       <third> -> becomes first.second.third
> Is that what you have in mind?

This is exactly what i have in mind :)

> The parser actually does track which (nested) metanames are in use, but
> only if they are defined as metanames (it uses that list to determine how
> to index a given word at any point).
> It might get confusing when mixed with UndefinedXMLAttributes and
> XMLClassAttributes.

Ah yes i can see things becoming messy quite quickly. Maybe a solution would 
be to to have a different format for a class attribute and a child attribute, 
something like the following would allow the user to see the difference.


I have no idea if that is doable but just thought that i would throw my idea 
into the hat.

> XML is good at storing complex data, and so it makes it hard for something
> like swish to have a general way to parse it into a set of non-hierarchical
> tags.

I understand this but keep up the good work, i have been using swish-e for 
years and am sure something will be worked out.

> The quick fix for you will be to use an XML parser yourself and rewrite the
> docs on the fly with -S prog.  But I'll look at the code too.  You are
> welcome to check out parser.c, too.  Always good to have someone look over
> the code.

I would love to, but the only language i am really proficient in is php which 
is good if somebody need swish-e interfacing with there site, and have a php 
swish class in development which makes it really easy to do so, but not much 
help in this situation :(

Ive been wanting to get my 'feet wet' with C/C++ for a long time now (8 years, 
heh) so maybe this will give me the kick up the butt that i need.

	William Bailey.
	Pro-Net Internet Services Ltd.
Received on Wed Oct 2 15:55:02 2002