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Re: Exploring Swish possibilities

From: Avi Rappoport <avi-list(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 16:37:39 GMT
At 12:33 AM -0700 10/1/02, Kristaps Erglis wrote:
>  > What are extents?  Do you mean display a bit of text around the search
>>  word to give some context of the hit?
>Yes, that is exactly I meant!
>>  Highlighting example:
>As far as I get from "swish.cgi" and corresponding "highlighting" modules -
>still I have to store/copy whole file content into index and run script over
>that content. No other way?

That's certainly how Google does it, though I'm sure they have tuned 
their code for ultimate speed.


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