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bad directive

From: Roy Tennant <roy.tennant(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 15:15:18 GMT
OK, I give up. I'm using version 2.2.1, and when I try to index I get 
the following:

Bad directive on line #15: IndexContents XML .xml

I've also tried "IndexContents XML* .xml". For your edification, I'm 
pasting in the entire configuration file below. Thanks for any 
suggestions on where I went wrong.

IndexDir /escholarship/tomcat-4.0/webapps/saxon/eschol
IndexFile /escholarship/swish-e/indexes/ucpress.swish
IndexName "UC Press Books"
IndexDescription "This is an index of UC Press books."
IndexPointer ""
IndexAdmin "Roy Tennant ("
MetaNames title docAuthor
PropertyNames title
ReplaceRules remove "/escholarship/tomcat-4.0/webapps/saxon/eschol/"
ReplaceRules remove ".xml"
IgnoreLastChar ).],;:?!'"
IgnoreFirstChar ("[
IndexComments 0
IndexOnly .xml
IndexContents XML .xml
Received on Tue Oct 1 15:19:00 2002