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problems with Win32 binary release

From: SRE <eckert(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 03:26:35 GMT
I ran swish-e-2.2-win32.exe, and like others have reported
it sort of drops you on the floor when it's finished. None
of the standard Windoze messages about being done, rebooting,
or where to locate shortcuts. That's OK, but a final message
where to look next would really comfort the average user.

I do have a problem, however, with files like README.txt
*not* actually being a text file. They're Unix linefeed
terminated, not Windoze CRLF line terminated. That means
you can't view any of the readme files in NotePad (which
is what pops up when you double click on a .txt file).

Worse, scripts like swish.cgi and perl modules in the
example/modules directory aren't set up for Win32 either.

I know from experience that SOME perl scripts fail oddly
when the line terminations are wrong for the platform on
which they're running. Has anyone thought about this?

Strangely enough, when I use WinZip to unpack the standard
source distribution, swish-e-2.2.tar.gz, the resulting files
are converted to Windoze line termination by WinZip... so
the stock distribution is actually more correct on a Win32
platform than the Win32 distribution is.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is? It seems the
Win32 tree is identical to the source distribution EXCEPT
for the .exe and .dll files at the top of the install tree.
Is that accurate? If so, why not distribute the exes by
themselves and use that file to supplement the stock release?
(Heck, why have an install step at all, why not just ship
a self-extracting zip file?)

Received on Fri Sep 20 03:30:06 2002