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Re: Installation for WINDOWS

From: Jody Cleveland <Cleveland(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 12:45:10 GMT
Hi David,

> Is there anything we could do in the installation script on Windows to
> make SWISH-E easier to start using?

There were two things in particular I had a really hard time with. One was
paths. It'd be nice if there were some way for the installer to modify the
paths for all it's required "stuff." Also, with that, the installer didn't
create a modules directory. I had to copy the modules into a folder, but I
don't remember where they were originally. The other problem I had was with
indexing. I imagine it would be quite a bit of work, but it'd be nice to
have a gui for that. Now that I understand a bit how it works, and what to
do with it, all I do is run a batch file. But, getting to that point was a
real struggle for me. I'm still not quite sure what -c means.

That being said, I want to thank you. You really did a great job porting
this to Windows, and I've appreciated now having a working search engine on
our site. I've looked at several, and swish-e is by far the best.

Received on Thu Sep 19 12:48:53 2002