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Re: found typo in 'configure' (was: unexpected (and

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 06:20:11 GMT
At 08:29 PM 09/18/02 -0700, SRE wrote:
>At 06:11 PM 9/18/02, SRE wrote:
>>Not building with libxml2 - use --with-libxml2 to enable
>>test: ==: unexpected operator

It's interesting that I don't see that message on either of


or any of the other ten or so platforms I tested on.

Thanks for spotting the "==" error.  I'll fix it for 2.2.1, but it's not
what is preventing you from building swish -- in this case it's not
changing the outcome of the script.

>>mv: Makefile: set owner/group (was: 35/0): Operation not permitted

And I do see that type of message.

It's not causing any problems, either, as the files are ending up in the
right place.

bash-2.05a$ touch /tmp/foo
bash-2.05a$ mv /tmp/foo .
mv: ./foo: set owner/group (was: 3830/0): Operation not permitted
bash-2.05a$ ls foo

The configure script is generated via the GNU Autoconf tools.  I'm using
the most current versions of these tools, yet this problem was asked (and
not responded to) on the autoconf list back in July of 2000, and again in
2001 with this response:

Resolving it is an autoconf issue, not a swish-e issue.  If the messages
are annoying then you can use a local temporary directory.  For example:

   TMPDIR=$HOME ./configure

But it won't change the outcome of the script.

I'll ask on the autoconf list about it.

Thanks for looking at it.

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Sep 19 06:23:51 2002