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Installation for WINDOWS

From: Roland Sippel <sippel.r(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 14:39:05 GMT
Where is a Step for Step Installation for WINDOWS ???

I can't seem to find any documentation on the site to
install swish-e on Win2000 Server with IIS Webserver.
- For what is swish-e.exe ?
- Swish-e uses a perl script for spidering web sites
    also for Windows ?
- Which LWP bundle is for Windows ?
- This link doesn´t work:
- How do i create a Web-User-Front-End Site under IIS like this: ?

It states it can be run on NT/W2000, could someone tell me where I
could find such documentation for install and how to use under win2000 ?
Thanks Roland
Received on Wed Sep 18 14:42:44 2002