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ANNOUNCE: Swish-e version 2.2 available

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 14:14:18 GMT
Swish-e version 2.2 source package and Windows binary package is now
available on the Swish-e Download page: .

The developers consider this version of Swish-e to be the best version ever.
Anyone running an earlier version is encouraged to upgrade.

Note: The index file format is not compatible with previous version of
swish.  You will need to run indexing before you can use 2.2 for searching.
 You may be able to use indexes created with 2.2r1, but reindexing is
always a good idea.

See the Changes file for a
summary of changes since 2.2rc1 (and for 2.2 in general).

See for known issues.
There are other issues that we will be addressing for the next release
(which we promise will not take so long to release).

As always, any comments or problems regarding Swish-e should be sent to the
Swish-e discussion list.

Thanks very much to the developers.  Jose Ruiz has made major performance
improvements in almost all of the code.  Bill Meier also contributed
significantly in the area of swish-e memory usage and performance.  David
Norris has been very active in Swish-e development over the years and all
Windows users can be thankful for his Windows builds.  Rainer Scherg has
also been active in Swish-e over the years and has contributed many new
features.  You can thank me for configuration parameter bloat. ;)  And in
the great spirit of Open Source development, thanks to many others that
have contributed patches to the source and documentation.

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Sep 18 14:17:57 2002