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Problems with quotes on NT

From: Bertus Douma <BDOUMA(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 13:56:07 GMT
Hi there,

I am using swishe on our intranet of a highschool; but having a strange
problem: indexing of pdf and doc files doesn't work.
Whats the case: using catdoc and xpdf the following happens: the
filename (as parameter passed to the batchfile) does have two quotes at
each side. So looking for a file called 'filename.pdf' doesnt succeed.
Also with .doc file is there something wrong because the message Invalid
argument appears.
The operational machines uses NT4.0 with Apache/1.3.12 (Win32) and my
test-site W2K with Apache/1.3.20. Does anyone know a quick fix for it.
I've tried to substring it (see below) but that doesnt work.

Your sincerily ,Bertus Douma
The Netherlands

In dir "e:/chnet/html/chn_breed/chn_krant":
  No_09_2002.pdfError: Couldn't open file
 (50 words)
  archief.html (4 words)
  chn_krant.pdfError: Couldn't open file
 (50 words)

In dir "e:/chnet/html/cursus/edu-07/OefBestFP":
  CursusFPtest.ppt (no words)
  Knutselgids.doccatdoc: Invalid argument
 (51 words)
  ORGpuntenverdeling.doccatdoc: Invalid argument
 (51 words)

the batch of both helper-apps consists first half is the version on the
intranetserver (commented) and the second that of my test-machine
set NAAM=%1
::set NBBN= %NAAM:~2,-2%
::e:\chnet\swishe\filter-bin\pdftotext.exe %NBBN% -             
set NBBN= %NAAM:~1,-1%
c:\phpdev\www\public\swishe\filter-bin\pdftotext.exe %NBBN% - 

Evenso with catdoc the last lines are
::e:\chnet\swishe\filter-bin\catdoc.exe -s8859-1 -d8859-1 %NBBN%
c:\phpdev\www\public\swishe\filter-bin\catdoc.exe -s8859-1 -d8859-1

The result in the testenvironment is:
In dir "c:/phpdev/www/public/html/chn_breed/chn_krant":
  No_09_2002.pdf (1098 words)
  WS_ftp.LOG (530 words)

In dir "c:/phpdev/www/public/html/cursus/edu-07/OefBestFP":
  CursusFPtest.ppt (no words)
  Knutselgids.doc (409 words)
  ORGpuntenverdeling.doc (307 words)
  WS_ftp.LOG (85 words)
Received on Fri Sep 13 13:59:49 2002