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Severe performance problems

From: Paul Borghese <pborghese(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 23:23:59 GMT
Ok, I think I have archives for a mailing list I run working except for
one problem.  I have indexed two lists we will call list A and list B.
List A is significantly bigger then list B.  The indexes were created
with almost identical configurations.

When I search list A specifying a date of "Last Month" (or any of the
options) it return the results relatively quick.  Doing the same search
on List B causes the CPU utilization to skyrocket and eventually the
script will time-out.

They are both mailing list archives running MHonArc and almost identical
configurations when creating the archives.

Any ideas?

Received on Wed Sep 11 23:27:34 2002