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Re: SWISH-E on win32

From: Bertus Douma <BDOUMA(at)>
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 08:36:09 GMT
Hello Michael,

Since nov 2001 I use for our Intranet swishe. The way it works isn't in
a optimal way:
on some very stange reasons indexing of pdf and docs isnt working well
but for the overall I am very happy with it:
I should take some time to fixed the mentioned problems but did not
How I use it I did described in a doc in dutch: I send it hereby: skip
just the language-stuff and use the rest.


Bertus Douma

>>> Michael Shannon <> 08/26/02 08:40am >>>
> > I'm a newbie looking for a simple piece of advice.  I'm 
> > investigating using SWISH-E on a Win32 platform.
> > What I'd like to know is do I have to install libxml2 on 
> > the machine as well?
> Win32 self-installers include all of the libraries they 
> depend on.  But, you could move the DLLs into the system
> directory if you like.

D'oh!  Since it's a Perl app I didn't think to look for the obvious
.DLL!  Thanks very much for the quick response.

Michael Shannon


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