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Re: and SwishOpen errors

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 23:41:19 GMT
On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Daniel E. Weber wrote:

> During debugging of a script that uses, I encountered the 
> following problem. The code:
> >my $handle = SwishOpen( "indexfile" ) or die "CRUD!\n";
> produces instead of "CRUD!":
> >err: Could not open the index file 'avid.index': No such file or directory .

Right.  There's still a few places that call "progerr" in swish when
should instead return an error.  I've looked at that before and it was
kind of messy trying to get the error back to the SwishOpen call.

That should be fixed.  

In the mean time try opening a valid index file ;)

> >Returns undefined on an error, but the only errors are typically fatal,
> >so will most likely exit the running program.
> means that SwishOpen itself will exit the program without a mechanism for 
> capturing the error.

Right.  Ugly if it's running under mod_perl as it brings down that Apache
child process.  Yuck.

> If there isn't an easy way around it, I suppose I can at least check for 
> the existence of the file myself to avoid at least this particular error. I 
> guess I'm concerned about the other errors that I haven't tested for yet.


cd swish-e/src
fgrep progerr *.c

I did spend a day once trying to get rid of all the progerr's in the
search code, but I do remember that on being left behind for some reason.
I'll look again.  The library was added about five years after the binary
was first created.

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Aug 21 23:44:47 2002