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Re: question about the SWISH-E index

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 21:24:22 GMT
On Mon, 2002-08-12 at 15:54, Spencer, Tammy wrote:
> For a contemplated application of open source indexing, it is important that
> the index not be reverse engineerable, i.e., it is important that the index
> be such that the intellectual content of the original document cannot be
> re-created from the index.

I don't see how a complete or useful search index could be made
non-reversible.  Obscuring the index doesn't mean it's not reversible. 
It just means it's slightly more complex to reverse.  As far as I'm
concerned, "slightly more complex" is equivalent to "possible at all."

The only feasible option I see would be to restrict access to the
index.  Or possibly to encrypt the index.  Or, perhaps more feasibly, to
use a combination of an encrypted filesystem and access control. 
There's no reason at all for anyone but SWISH-E and the index maintainer
to have access to the index file.  If you really want to prevent someone
from reading the raw index then restrict access to it.  This seems more
like an operating system issue than SWISH-E.

 David Norris
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Received on Mon Aug 12 21:27:55 2002