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Searching beetween dates in different propnames

From: Frits van Latum <fritsvanlatum(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 19:58:42 GMT

>Can you create a small example like above that doesn't work like you

I have created a small index of 6 xml-files (downloaded from my database) in
a directory called "f", with command:

	swish-e -i f -c main.config -T properties -v0

this is main.config:

	IndexName "Main"
	IndexDescription "Index on books, articles, serials and auctions."

	IndexReport 1

	ParserWarnLevel 2

	DefaultContents XML2
	IndexContents HTML .htm .html
	IndexContents TXT .txt .conf
	IndexContents XML .xml

	# What to index
	IndexFile main.index

	MetaNames record auteur titel trefwoord begindatum einddatum
	MetaNameAlias trefwoord trefwoord_g trefw_pi onderwerp trefw_org trefw_huis
trefw_ceur naam plaats
	MetaNameAlias titel titel_par titel_reeks titel_deel titel_or titel_tschr
titel_art titel_cat titel_veil titel_coll
	MetaNameAlias auteur aut_corp aut_conf aut_hred

	PropertyNames auteur titel jaar
	PropertyNamesNumeric begindatum einddatum

On this index a search like:

	swish-e -w record=(Royalton-Kisch) -L begindatum '<=' 1900 -L einddatum
'>=' 1800
		  -p auteur titel jaar begindatum einddatum -f main.index

had 1 record as result, which is correct. I tried several other queries and
everything was ok.

These 6 records are from my database which is indexed by the following

	swish-e -c index\main.config -S prog

and this config file has two extra lines:

	# What to index
	IndexFile index\main.index
=>	SwishProgParameters bin\ -nc main.txt -l IDX.log -e IDX.err
=>	IndexDir \perl\bin\perl.exe

The database has about 150.000 records. The indexfiles are 57Mb and 15 Mb.

The same search as above gives 11 records, which is wrong.

I just noticed that:

	swish-e -w record=(Royalton-Kisch) -L begindatum '<=' NNNN -L einddatum
'>=' MMMM
		  -p auteur titel jaar begindatum einddatum -f main.index


	swish-e -w record=(Royalton-Kisch) -L begindatum '<=' NNNN
		  -p auteur titel jaar begindatum einddatum -f main.index

are leading to exactly the same resultset in about twenty different

I am currently using swish-e-2.1-dev-25-2002-05-23.tar.gz

So is a "-S prog index" different from an index based on files?
Is the size of the index a problem?


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