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Re: Reverse sort date

From: Scot Hacker <shacker(at)>
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 18:38:31 GMT
On 7/28/02 5:03 PM, Bill Moseley wrote:

> Something like:
>   my $direction = $sortby eq 'swishrank' || $sortby eq 'swishlastmodified'
>       ? $q->param('reverse') ? 'asc' : 'desc'
>       : $q->param('reverse') ? 'desc' : 'asc';
> I didn't test, but that should get you close.

That did the trick! Thanks very much, Bill.

One final question: Where can I alter the date format in swish.cgi output?
e.g. if I want to change:

Last Changed:    2002-06-17 18:19:56 Pacific Daylight Time

to read just:

Last Changed:    2002-06-17

What do I tweak? I've searched the scripts, docs, templates, and discussion
lists on "zone" "timezone" "date format" and "tzd", but can't find anything
on this. 



UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Received on Mon Jul 29 18:42:02 2002