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Re: Reverse sort date

From: Scot Hacker <shacker(at)>
Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 23:54:13 GMT
On 7/27/02 2:08 PM, Bill Moseley wrote:

> Look for the -s switch at:

Right - but in the swish.cgi script, the highest rank appears first by
default when sorting  by rank, while the oldest date appears first by
default if sorting by  date. I would think the default would be that the
most recent docs appear first on a date sort.

To rephrase my question: How can I modify  swish.cgi so that the default
sort on date puts newest first, but without affecting sort order for other
sort types?

> You can use modifiers "desc" and "asc" to control the sort order.
>> I've studied the scripts but can't see a way to do this (but I'm a perl
>> newbie).
> Which script?  The example/swish.cgi script should allow you to select and
> sort by date.  See

Right, that's where I  initially looked for an answer, and didn't find one.
Pardon my newbie-ness here -- I just want to modify swish.cgi (or a template
or config file, whatever) to yield user-friendly default behavior on the
date sort.

Here's what I've got working so far:

Thanks a bunch,

Received on Sun Jul 28 23:57:48 2002