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Re: Windows NT documentation

From: Daryl Rose <drose.SCANTRON(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 20:49:27 GMT
                      David L Norris                                                                                               
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First off, Thank you for the reply and information.

>What sort of documentation do you need?  Any specific problem relating
>to SWISH-E on Windows?

Well, basically, I am used to working in Unix and not NT.  This would be
very easy for me to set up on a Unix server, but I'm kind of lost when it
comes to the NT world.  I guess I was hoping for a "hold my hand" type of

>Here's a good starting point (Quick Start is a bit Unix-centric):

>Here are some docs:

I've looked through the above links already, but haven't done any heavy
duty reading.
I'll take some more time and read things a little closer.


Daryl Rose
Received on Tue Jul 16 20:56:34 2002