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problem with -prog and running

From: Avi Rappoport <avi-list(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 22:57:48 GMT
Hi all,

With much stress, I've managed to get things started on my Mac OS X 
machine.  I am at the point of indexing with -prog, but for some 
weird reason, I keep getting an error trying to find a perfectly 
boring file in my swishtest directory.

It says Indexing ./
zsh: no such file or directory: ./

when I do a listing, it's there.  When I run it as a perl script, it 
runs.  I tried setting it world read, write and executable and it 
still happens.  I'm stuck, any suggestions?


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Received on Fri Jul 12 23:01:21 2002