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Re: Capellas Java Wrapper

From: Jean-Michel David <jmdavid(at)>
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 18:31:27 GMT
Yes, some people had got it working.

First of all, this package is a free contribution; I would appreciate more polite
comments in regard to this fact.
Second, this package is a part -only a part- of a Java package (servlets) that I
made available for the Swish-e community; it lacks the indexing parts that are not
provided as .jsp.
Third, if you find it unusefull, just go away.

Anyway, contact me directly (and be polite) if you want more information.

"Muddy" jm. wrote:

> I'm slightly confused as to how you are supposed to use Capellas Java Wrapper.
> Do you create a swish-e index manually off-line and then the .jsp page just
> searches this catalog?
> Does the .jsp page create the index?  If so where is this index creation
> controlled?
> Which references in the .config  and .cfg need to be url's and which need to be
> filepaths?
> I'm just finding it about as clear as mud at the moment and wondered if anyone
> had got it working and could clarify how it works.
> rgds
> caroline

Jean-Michel David
président et directeur technique
Capella Technologies
514-849-1494 ext. 105
Received on Mon Jul 8 18:36:22 2002