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Intranet WinAmp Site

From: Nikolay Raspopov <ryo-oh-ki(at)>
Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 16:04:59 GMT
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Hello, Bill!
You wrote to <>; "Multiple recipients of list"
<> on Sun, 30 Jun 2002 08:34:11 -0700:

>>Now i can search mp3-files in "WinAmp Browser".
BM> Can we see a demo, or could you put up screen shots?

Ok. This is very draft version.
Sorry for my "perfect" english.

With best regards, Nikolay Raspopov.

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Intranet WinAmp Site
Copyright (C) 2002 Nikolay Raspopov <>

Files		- mp32html.exe	- mp32html sources			- sample batch files to automate indexing process		- intranet site


1. Deploing intranet winamp-site

1.1. Create directory in your intranet web-server
1.2. Unzip to that directory
1.3. Set alias of web-server to that directory as =
1.4. Create apopriate records to resolve to your =
web-server IP-address in:
1.4.1. intranet DNS-server
1.4.2. intranet WINS-server (optional)
1.4.3. "hosts"-file (last try)
1.5. Set "execute" permission on .jhtml and .pls files. They must be =
executed as php-scripts.
1.6. Modify some files as you need

2. Creating music index of your intranet network

2.1. Install swish-e
2.2. Create directory in swish-e directory
2.3. Unzip and to that directory
2.4. Modify make.bat as you need
2.5. Run make.bat and index your network
2.6. Copy music.idx and music.idx.prop to "browser/" directory of =

3. Launch WinAmp, open WinAmp MiniBrowser. Enjoy.

Structure of winamp-site:

	/index.html					- main page of site
	/*.gif						- some images
	/browser/index.html			- main page of WinAmp MiniBrowser
	/browser/index.jhtml		- search and Result page of WinAmp MiniBrowser =
	/browser/*.gif				- some images
	/browser/pls.pls			- script to create pls-file of selected mp3-file =
	/browser/random.pls			- music samples of "Romantic Collection" as =
pls-file (php-script)
	/browser/addlink.jhtml		- script to input new link by user and mail to =
webmaster (php-script)
	/browser/music.idx			- index, created on step 2
	/browser/music.idx.prop		- index, created on step 2
	/plugins/index.html			- simple redirect to plugins archive. WinAmp want =
this url when user click link "Get More Plugins"
	/skins/index.html			- simple redirect to skins archive. WinAmp want =
this url when user click link "Get More Skins"
	/update/mb.html				- simple recirect to "/browser/index.html". WinAmp =
want this url on first launch
	/update/do_im.jhtml			- register message. WinAmp want this url during =
	/update/latest-version.jhtml- version of winamp (first string is =
version). WinAmp want this url when it check new version
	/update/updatelinks.jhtml	- links of winamp (it has simple format). =
WinAmp want this url when it updates links

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