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Re: Older scripts working with swish dev ?

From: Andrew Lord <andrewlord(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 18:47:56 GMT
On Saturday 29 June 2002 03:17 am, you wrote:

> I realize I wasn't very clear:
> >    open( $fh, "$swish -k $letter|" ) or
> >        die "Failed to run '$swish -k $letter': $!";
> You would have to pass in an array of index files then, after validating
> them carefully,
>   my $index_files = join ' ', @index_file_list;
>   open( $fh, "$swish -k $letter -f $index_files|" ) or
>       die "Failed to run '$swish -k $letter': $!";

Thanks Bill,

That has helped some, though I still feel like I'm swimming through a fog.  
Probably something to do with it being nearly 4:15am here.  Mmm.  Must be 
crazy or something.

Obviously I haven't got it right yet . . . I'm getting an error message "-f 
requires list of index files".  Would you mind pointing me to an example of 
how one should pass an array to a sub program such as makewordlist ?  

I think I understand that when you refer to carefully validating the indexes, 
you're referring to the line you previously provided: 
 my @valid_indexes =qw/ index1 index2 index3 index4 /;
so that only those indexes called from the web page which are also listed in 
that line, are able to be used.   A good idea.  A question on the format of 
listing the indexes in that line though. . . . should the indexes be listed 
as the actual 'indexfile (ie.  index.swish anotherindex.swish) or as the 
indexname (ie. such as MyIndex HisIndex) ?  I would assume the former.

With regards to some of those other bits and pieces you mentioned, I'm not 
sure what they're about either; I'm not the author and haven't got to the 
point of fully understanding that script.

Anyway, off to bed.

good night,

Andrew Lord
Received on Fri Jun 28 18:51:30 2002