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Re: DLL and license

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 11:23:52 GMT
Hi all,

This is just an opinion, not an answer to the question.

Well, I am far to be an expert about the GPL, GNU or whatever
other license that may be applied to swish-e. 

What I have done, is spending several hundreds (thousands?)  
hours from my free time in the swish code. At least for me, you can 
use my work whatever you want. Of course, there are much more 
people who has contributed to the actual swish-e, mainly Bill 
Moseley but also Rainer Scherg and Bill Meier; and we must
not forget the creators of the original package. So, my opinion
is not valid.

The C code of the actual swish-e (version 2.x) has very little lines in
common with the old one (version 1.X). What I think abouy my work
is "Feel free to use it wherever and whenever you want" but this is
just my opinion and it can be only applied to my work. Perhaps it is
time to reconsider swish's license. As I have said there are work
from other people and from the creators of the original package. This
effort must be kept in mind.

So, why not changing the license into a less restrictive one if it
can be helpful for someone?

Anyway, Ptarik, a question for you, why do not share your code to
the community? we are sharing ours to you ;)

Jose Ruiz
Received on Fri Jun 28 11:27:22 2002