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DLL and license

From: Patrik Hrkut <hrkut(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 10:24:31 GMT

we are using Swish-e in our Intranet and we are very satisfied with it. We want 
to use Swish-e also on our commercial CD as search engine. We were looking for
an DLL library for Swish-e in Internet, but we didn't successful. (Does somebody
know about existence of such DLL ? ) 
Now we will try to make own Swish-e DLL. And the question is: 
When we make an DLL and we use it on our CD in other application (front-end to
swish-e), should we publish the whole application under GPL, or only the DLL ? 
Or when we call swish-e.exe (supposing we won't be successful in making DLL )
from the front-end also the whole application should be pubished under GPL ?

Thanks for answer.

Patrik Hrkut
Received on Wed Jun 26 10:28:04 2002