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From: Patrick Krug <patrick_krug(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 02:10:59 GMT
I am using swish-e on Windows.  I would like to either set the user name / 
password in the config file or in the url -

I tried adding the username and password in the url but when I performed a  
search the username and password were included in the search results.

I guess I could parse the results that came back.  But I was looking for 
swish-e to do the work.  I have searched the documentation and the 
discussion archives and found people talking about but did not find a 

Thanks in advance.

I am using version : 2.1-dev-25
I spider using the http method.
Platform : Windows 2000 Server.

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Received on Fri Jun 14 02:14:37 2002