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Re: the -p option not working w/ PERL script

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 17:39:03 GMT
At 10:25 AM 05/29/02 -0700, José Márquez wrote:
>Here it is again. Unfortunately, I didn't write this script -- a friend
>did long ago. But on the same documentation page/url cited above, it
>describes the step for adding the -p propertyname to a construction
>identical to the one above. Unfortunately, when I do as it says, by
>inserting the -p propertyname flag after the -f $index instruction the
>search tool reports not an error, but rather, 0 results.

That's a problem with the script, I suppose.

>But I guess I should run it from the command line to see what kind of an
>error results and then post that to this discussion! Thanks for your help!

Always.  Break the problem into smaller chunks.

>> I assume you are using Windows (because of your double quotes).  If not
>> then you should consider forking swish instead of using a piped open as
>> above.  You can then avoid passing data through the shell.
>No, Linux but I'm not adept enough with PERL to know how to do the above.
>My loss, I'm sure!

Ah, then start over from scratch.  I would not trust that script without
looking at it more.

Download a current dev version from
It contains a CGI script in the distribution.

Then see if you can follow the "Quick Start for the Impatient" instructions
on the INSTALL page at  I just
added those a few days ago so you would be contributing to the open source
community by trying it out. ;)

That assumes you will be spidering a web site.

If you are indexing just a collection of files on the file system then you
don't need to setup the spider, of course.  If that's the case you may find
better (easier?) instructions for setting up just the CGI script by
unpacking the 2.1-dev distribution, changing directories to the "example"
directory and typing:

     perldoc swish.cgi

Post again if you need more help.

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed May 29 17:42:32 2002