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XML/XSLT solutions?

From: Thomas M. Parris <parris(at)>
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 16:39:29 GMT
Dear SWISHers:

I'm about to implement a web searchable bibliographic database using
SWISH-E2 as the search engine (using the Perl API). The data will be stored
as a set of XML documents.  The search engine will be implemented in Perl
using CGI or mod_perl (TBD).  The open question is what to use for XSLT
services.  I would be most grateful for any advice the SWISH community could
provide.  I'll be running on Solaris 2.6.

Here are some of the options that I have found.

AxKit ( An Apache project that provides XLST services
under mod_perl.  Looks like it has active support and user community.

Cocoon (  An Apache project that
provides XLST translation using a Java servlet.  This is much better known
than AxKit and is probably more mature.  The challenge would be making sure
I could pipe the output of a CGI script into Cocoon.  Of course, a lot of
installation would be required (e.g., the tomcat servlet engine).

XML::XSLT ( A perl module that provides
XSLT translation. "XML::XSLT will convert the XML doc on basis of the
template. It is written in Perl and works. Not all xsl commands are
implemented yet. Nor is it fast. But it works! At this moment we need a lot
of input. So try this script and give us your comment on it. Missing/needed
xsl elements, bugs, anything..."  Last update is 0.40 on 12/23/2001.

XML::Xalan ( A
Perl interface to the Apache XSLT engine.  Last updated April 20, 2002.

Perl interface to the gnome libxslt library released 12 May 2002.

Does anyone have something positive/negative to say about one or more of the
above?  Have I left an important option off the list?

This will be my first application using XML/XSLT.  I'd like to spend most of
my time climbing the learning curve on these technologies instead of
fighting installation problems and bugs.  As of now, I'm leaning toward

Many thanks in advance,
-- Tom
Thomas M. Parris
Research Scientist & Executive Director, Boston Office
685 Centre Street, Suite 207
Jamaica Plain, MA  02130
voice: 617.524.8041
fax:   509.463.4679
Received on Tue May 21 16:39:36 2002