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Indexing on 64 bit

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 02:34:06 GMT
The latest swish-daily now compiles and runs on Alpha running Debian Linux.

Linux usf-cf-alpha-linux-1 2.4.17 #1 SMP Fri Jan 4 13:37:30 PST 2002 alpha

There are some know problems:

- The index is currently *not* portable.  I didn't have time to look at
that problem.  

- Linking with zlib does not work, so don't build with zlib support.

- extra warnings are enabled when compiling, so you may see some new
messages when compiling.  Just ignore.

Please report back.


Bill Moseley
Received on Sat May 18 02:34:20 2002