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contexts of hits

From: Eneko Agirre <eneko(at)>
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 11:09:49 GMT
I am new to the list. Sorry if I repeat a question, but did not find the
answer anywhere in the doc or the former messages from the discussion list.

I am using swish-e 2.0. I want to retrieve the context of occurrences of the
hits, i.e. if I a searching "agency" I want to retrieve the sentence (or at
least N sorrounding words) where "agency" or "agencies" occur. I had two
possible solution on my mind:

a) Get the offsets of each of the hits of the search terms, and make an
external routine to get the contexts.

b) Introduce metatags in the source texts and make swish-e return the whole

Is either of this solutions easily implementable?


Eneko Agirre
Informatika Fakultatea       
649 p.k. - 20.080 Donostia             fax:  (+34) 943 219306
Euskal Herria / Basque Country         tel:  (+34) 943 015019
Received on Thu May 9 11:11:17 2002